American Players file BAT Arbitrations against SS Sutor Srl


In a widely disseminated letter, BFSN Law announced that it has filed arbitrations with the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal on behalf of four former American players of SS Sutor Srl, of Montegranaro, Italy, a team currently playing in Serie A.


BFSN Law stated that it “represents former Sutor players Christian Burns, Kyle Johnson, Ron Steele, and Tamar Slay,” and that “Sutor has failed to honor its obligations to all of these Players.” The letter states that “[w]hen these parties win the arbitrations, Sutor’s total liability, including interest, costs, and legal fees, will likely exceed $591,000.00.”


Sutor has apparently failed to respond to attempts by BFSN Law to amicably settle the dispute without the need of BAT arbitrations.


Click below to view a copy of the original letter:


20131112_Sutor Press Release