The International Basketball Players Association (IBPA) is the world leader in Basketball Arbitration. We use lawyers from BFSN Law to represent players and agents in front of the Basketball Arbitration Tribunal (BAT) in Geneva, Switzerland. BFSN Law’s lawyers have over 30 years experience in international arbitration. The arbitration process for clients is handled from beginning to end:

  • gather and analyze evidence
  • file demand for arbitration
  • argue in front of the tribunal
  • enforce award
  • appeal

Charles Bennett Playing in Poland, 2004

Charles Bennett started the IBPA in 2012 while attending law school at SMU in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Bennett played professionally in Europe for eight seasons (from 2001 to 2008) and lost or witnessed teammates and friends lose tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to unscrupulous professional teams in and around Europe. As a result, Charles teamed up with the law firm of Blume, Faulkner, Skeen & Northam (BFSN Law) in Richardson, Texas to help players arbitrate claims through the BAT. After successfully arbitrating claims for players, Charles and BFSN Law expanded their operations by founding the IBPA to help as many players and agents as possible.

Case Research Database

searcResultsWe have the largest, most in-depth database of BAT cases any where in the world. Every case is fully text searchable. Our developers are working daily to offer more comprehensive information regarding every case the BAT has ever decided.


The Arbitration Process

moneyLawEach year hundreds of professional basketball contracts are cut that are supposedly “guaranteed,” and players are cheated out of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Euros.


In 2007 FIBA started an Arbitral Tribunal, that is now called the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal or BAT, to handle claims from basketball players and their agents against the basketball clubs. The BAT was able to enforce contracts and make teams pay by sanctioning them and forbidding them from participating in international play or signing international players.


The BAT has changed the professional basketball environment forever! Players and agents now have the opportunity to enforce their contracts against teams and hold teams accountable for their actions. 


But many players and agents attempt to arbitrate their cases without the help of experienced lawyers. BAT cases are full of examples where players and agents lost cases they could easily have won or failed to make claims for money they could easily have gotten because of a lack of legal experience and guidance.


BFSN Law’s attorneys have over 30 years experience in international arbitration and more than a decade of experience with FIBA. We will get every last dollar you are owed from the contracts you signed.


Meet The Expert Arbitration Team

Charles A. Bennett

J.D., Cum Laude, SMU Dedman School of Law


  • Founder, Executive Director, and CEO of IBPA
  • Former Professional Basketball Player in Europe 2001–2008
  • Played in Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey
  • Legal Clerk at Blume, Faulkner, Skeen & Northam (BFSN Law)
  • Secretary of the Arbitral Tribunal, Lance Armstrong and Tailwind Sports, Inc. v. SCA Promotions, Inc. et al.
  • Graduated SMU Dedman School of Law, – May 2014
  • Sat for Texas Bar, July 2014

Richard D. Faulkner

J.D., L.L.M, Dip, Intnl. Comm. Arb.


  • Partner at Blume, Faulkner, Skeen & Northam (BFSN Law)
  • SIGNIFICANT CASES AS ARBITRATION CHAIRMAN: Lance Armstrong and Tailwind Sports, Inc. v.
    SCA Promotions, Inc. et al.
  • INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATIONS: Arbitration Counsel in multiple insurance arbitrations in U.K. and
    Bermuda in USD $100,000,000.00 cases
  • Arbitrator or Counsel in numerous complex contract and injunction cases
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators – Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration, Tutor, and Fellow –
    London, United Kingdom.
  • Professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution Law
  • ARBITRATION AUTHOR: Contributing Author “How Arbitration Works” – American Bar Association,

Shelly L. Skeen

J.D., Magna Cum Laude, Law Review Editor, Phi Beta Kappa


  • Partner at Blume, Faulkner, Skeen & Northam (BFSN Law)
  • The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London, England, MCIArb
  • Arbitral Women, The International Network of Women in Dispute Resolution
  • Co-Counsel in over one hundred arbitrations and federal and state cases and appeals arising out of arbitrations
  • Frequent author and lecturer on complex arbitration issues